Organize the garage with BoxOne!

The vast assortment of storage boxes from 0.65 L up to 150 L can help organizing all gear in the garage

Full concept of storage & household solutions

Plast1 can customize a planogram for your shop - contact your sales person to learn more!

Shop concept with BoxOne storage boxes

Shop concept of storage boxes, width 2 meters. Place lids on separate shelves above the boxes to create an organized planogram

Organize the laundry room

With the 'rattan' series of baskets, linen baskets and laundry baskets it's easy to create an organized space in the laundry room!

Shop concept with BoxOne storage boxes

Locate large storage boxes at a pallet square to facilite customers buying decision. Place boxes either in the Plast1 ½-display or directly on pallets.

Campaign opportunity in the shop's entrance area

Create a volume campaign activity with Plast1, contact your Plast1 sales person to learn more