Laundry baskets

A wide selection of laundry baskets between 40 - 60 L. Baskets in a classic as well as modern design, we have a model for every home. The large basket are useful for many other tasks as e.g. waste sorting

bucket 10 L in half-display (260pcs)

800x600x1050 mm Article: 104396

bucket 5 L in half-display (504pcs)

800x600x1050 mm Article: 104488

Hangers set 10 pcs, 1/6-display (48set)

400x400x1000 mm Article: 137097

Laundry basket Rattan, 50 L

575x290x390 mm Article: 175013

Laundry basket Rattan 50 L, half-display (44pcs)

800x600x1000 mm Article: 175075

Laundry basket Rattan, 40 L black

547x385x385 mm Article: 175518

Laundry basket Rattan 40 L, half-display (24pcs)

800x600x1000 mm Article: 175594

27L flexi basket mix display, rattan, 54 pcs

1050x590x790 mm Article: 178076

Thor laundry basket 60 L,round

650x465x465 mm Article: 201712

Thor laundry basket 60 L

570x335x505 mm Article: 202214

Laundry basket 42 L 'flower', black

510x295x395 mm Article: 237001

Household mix, half-display (154pcs)

800x600x1000 mm Article: 803008

Dishwash brushes, 1/4-display (432pcs)

600x400x750 mm Article: 840119

Housekeeping / washing mix, 1/4-display (63pcs)

600x400x750 mm Article: 803503

Combi basket 30 L in 1/4-display (31pcs)

600x400x750 mm Article: 964600