Modul Box

Series of dry-food canisters ideal for cerials, spaghetti etc. Available as 'first-price' articles without rubber closure, as well as with tight rubber closure

Modul dry-food 1.0 L, w/ sili.

170x110x95 mm Article: 147003

Modul dry-food 1.7 L, w/ sili.

170x110x150 mm Article: 147201

Modul dry-food 2.6 L, w/ sili.

220x110x170 mm Article: 147409

Modul dry-food 3.5 L w/ sili.

290x110x170 mm Article: 147607

Modul dry-food container 1.0 L

170x110x95 mm Article: 148000

Modul dry-food container 1.7 L

170x110x150 mm Article: 148208

Modul dry-food container 2.6 L

220x110x170 mm Article: 148406

Modul dry-food container 3.5 L

290x110x170 mm Article: 148604