Sorting & waste bins

Bins for the ever more complex task of sorting trash and waste in our home.Our assortment contains a traditional pedal bin, as well as swing bins and our new elegant series with 3 sizes: 15 L, 25 L & 50 L

Trash can, 6 L

260x293x276 (LxWxH) Article: 137547

Swing bin Rattan, 1.2 L

125x125x190 (LxWxH) Article: 178595

Swing bin Rattan, 5 L

208x208x320 Article: 178601

Swing bin 10 L

245x175x380 (LxWxH) Article: 178700

Swing bin 25 L

320x240x525 (LxWxH) Article: 178908

Waste bucket w/ lid 15 L

325x245x285 (LxWxH) Article: 296107

Waste bucket w/ lid 25 L

325x245x430 (LxWxH) Article: 296206

Waste bucket w/ lid 50 L

390x290x575 (LxWxH) Article: 296305