Special boxes

Wide selection of popular boxes to organize kitchen, garage, shed and kids room! The Multi-box series is highly popular to organize e.g. in kitchen drawer, while Play boxes are especially popular to organize in the shed

Multi Box, small, white

195x140x80 mm Article: 179400

Multi Box - medium, white

240x170x100 mm Article: 179516

Multi Box, large, white

335x240x140 mm Article: 179714

Multi Box - small, grey

195x140x80 mm Article: 179462

Multi Box - medium, grey

240x170x100 mm Article: 179530

Multi Box, large, grey

335x240x140 mm Article: 179752

Multi Box, small, black

195x140x80 mm Article: 179417

Multi Box, medium, black

240x170x100 mm Article: 179509

Multi Box, large, black

335x240x140 mm Article: 179707

Folding box 35 L

475x345x230 mm Article: 200203

Expo Box w/lid 7 L

285x185x135 mm Article: 107007

Expo Box w/lid 20 L

385x288x232 mm Article: 107502

Hobby box 11 L, turn'n'stack

350x265x165 mm Article: 214415

Jumbo box, turnable, 25 L, heavy duty

390x340x255 mm Article: 155053

Play Box, 13 L

340x235x160 mm Article: 162600

Play Box, 13 L, black

340x235x160 mm Article: 162617

Playbox 13 L, 1/1 pallet, assorted colors

340x235x160 mm Article: 162638

Play Box, 13 L, nature

340x235x160 mm Article: 162648

Play Box, 13 L, white

340x235x160 mm Article: 162655

Play Box, 13 L, red

340x235x160 mm Article: 162662

Play Box, 13 L, turquoise

340x235x160 mm Article: 162686

Smiley Box 52 L roller box

585x400x330 mm Article: 103009

Smiley Box, 13 L - blue / green

315x315x185 mm Article: 104006

Smiley Box 13 L, green / green

315x315x185 mm Article: 104501

Smiley Box 13 L, blue / blue

315x315x185 mm Article: 104518

Smiley Box 13 L, pink / pink

315x315x185 mm Article: 104556

Handy Box 15 l - Black

380x290x170 mm Article: 102903