Cleaning & brushes

Wide assortment of popular brushes and cleaning articles for the home. Ergonomic design with soft-grip handles, and brand new toilet brush with anti-bacterial bristle

Window cleaner 25 cm w/ rubber

195x257x40 mm Article: 301702

Pot cleaner brush

160x50x50 mm Article: 302204

Magic dust brush

545x50x50 mm Article: 302402

Broom w/rubber rim

300x70x105 mm Article: 014140

Scrub w/rubber rim

250x70x70 mm Article: 014145

Broomstick, 120 cm

1180x22x22 mm Article: 014135

Dustpan set, soft-grip

230x100x330 mm Article: 014100

Dustpan set, basic

216x75x320 mm Article: 014095

Squeegee for bathroom

240x245x43 mm Article: 014255

Toilet brush, anti-bacterial, soft-grip

125x125x395 mm Article: 014125

Toilet brush, basic

160x160x390 mm Article: 014110

scouring sponges, mini, 10-pack

290x60x85 mm Article: 014085

scouring sponges, maxi, 5-pack

145x69x95 mm Article: 014090