Food preparation

Practical articles for food preparation, including colander, funnels, shakers and salad spinners

Shaker 0,5 L

90x90x190 mm Article: 119505

Funnel set, 3-pcs (10 - 12 - 15 cm)

160x166x166 mm Article: 183001

Lemon Squeezer

140x130x120 mm Article: 203709

Shaker (flour leveler)

130x80x80 mm Article: 203815

Funnel 12 cm

150x145x125 mm Article: 203907

Colander with rubber

330x245x130 mm Article: 204713

Coffee Filter Cone

160x150x150 mm Article: 204904

Coffee filter holder

200x90x138 mm Article: 214804

Cake box, premium

350x350x180 mm Article: 230002