A Danish based company

Plast1 is a Danish company, and one of Europe’s leading suppliers of plastic based household products for the FMCG segment.

We are specialized in houseware, kitchenware, storage and cleaning products. Our customers includes major European retail chains, DIY stores, supermarkets & HORECA.

Our head office is located in Hørsholm, Denmark. We serve the German-speaking countries from our subsidiary in Koblenz, Germany.


Today +30% of our articles are manufactured from recycled industrial plastics.

But we aim higher!

Through 5 concrete initiatives, we strive towards a more sustainable plastic production.

We constantly work to optimize on packaging and transportation with focus on reducing CO2 emissions. Through close dialogue with our customers, we develop products in new materials, which can contribute to changes in the consumer behavior.


With a background of +30 years of collaboration with our partner factories, we achieve a high-quality level of goods. Plast1 and the factories are members of the FACTLINE system to secure the supply-chain control. Based on the FACTLINE digital platform all relevant information about factories and product certificates are available to our customers.


Plast1 has in-house design specialists to develop new products, and full ownership of all product molds.

To secure maximum flexibility, our production is sub-contracted to specialized factories in Denmark and Poland, which primary manufactures exclusively for Plast1.


We operate one of the industry’s strongest and most specialized logistics setups, which ensures a second-to-none service level that distinguishes Plast1 significantly in the industry.

Most of our business is based on direct deliveries from our factories. When smaller quantities are needed, we serve customers from our central distribution hub in Poland.