Click box series

Click boxes with 4-hinge locking that ensures a tight closure. Box sizes from 0.24 L up to 9 L. Available in rectangular shape and square shape. Safe to use in the fridge, freezer as well as in microwave oven (lid off)

Click box 0.4 L (square)

110x110x60 Article: 216006

Click box 0.7 L (square)

130x130x70 Article: 216105

Click box 1.2 L (square)

160x160x80 Article: 216204

Click box 2.1 L (square)

180x180x90 Article: 145375

Click box 0.24 L (rect.)

125x85x45 Article: 146006

Click box 1.0 L (rect.)

180x125x65 Article: 216303

Click box 1.5 L (rect.)

215x150x75 Article: 216402

Click box 2.5 L (rect.)

255x185x85 Article: 216501

Click box 3.9 L (rect.)

300x225x90 Article: 145405

Click box 5.3 L (rect.)

300x225x120 Article: 350205

Click box 9 L (rect.)

300x225x190 Article: 145702