Freezy series

Quality food boxes with tight rubber closure, available from 0.25 L up to 6 L capacity. Safe to use in the fridge, freezer as well as in microwave oven (lid off)

Freezy container 0.25 L w/silicone

120x60x40 mm Article: 208001

Freezy container 0.5 L w/silicone

140x85x55 mm Article: 208100

Freezy container 0.9 L w/silicone cl.

160x110x65 mm Article: 208209

Freezy container 1.2 L w/silicone

170x120x75 mm Article: 208308

Freezy container 1.7 L w/ silicone

190x130x85 mm Article: 207608

Freezy container 2.4 L w/silicone

205x148x95 mm Article: 207509

Freezy container 4 L w/silicone cl.

310x150x125 mm Article: 207103

Freezy container 6 L w/silicone cl.

300x225x135 mm Article: 207400

Freezy food box 2.8 L, tall

200x160x160 mm Article: 258006