Food box sets

Selection of popular sets of freezer boxes and food boxes. Ideal for campaign activity

Arctic box set 4-pcs: 0.13-0.4-0.75-1.25 L

180x180x75 mm Article: 123403

Arctic food box set, 10 pcs (lids on)

390x160x240 mm Article: 124202

Arctic food box set, 15 units (lids off)

340x170x155 mm Article: 124301

Arctic food box set, 15 units, grey lids off

340x170x155 mm Article: 124318

Cold-Store, 5pcs box set. 0.095-1.65 L

170x170x95 mm Article: 254548

Freezy 5 pcs food box set (0.25-2.4L)

205x148x95 mm Article: 608054