Display solutions

Smart display solutions to promote popular products in shop corridors and during campaign periods

Box mix 5 - 9 - 12, half-display (171pcs)

800x600x1050 mm Article: 001107

Basket Rattan 1,65L, 1/4-display, 100pcs

600x400x750 mm Article: 176931

Basket Rattan 10 L, 1/4-display, 42pcs

600x400x750 mm Article: 177221

Multi Box medium, in 1/4-display (80 pcs)

600x400x750 mm Article: 179592

Multi Box mix-display: M: 40pcs - L: 17pcs

600x400x750 mm Article: 179608

1/4 Display Multibox Large - white (38pcs)

600x400x750 mm Article: 179776

Folding box 35 L, mini-display (17 pcs)

475x345x600 mm Article: 200258

Folding box 35 L, half-display (50 pcs)

800x600x800 mm Article: 200241

Hobby box 11 L, half-display (180pcs)

800x600x1050 mm Article: 214408

Recycle Box 32, half-display (30pcs)

800x600x1050 mm Article: 700505

Recycle Box 60, half-display (24pcs)

800x600x1050 mm Article: 700529

Baskets 5 L Rattan, 1/4-display (72pcs)

600x400x750 mm Article: 177002

Wave Medium basket, 1/4-display, 51pcs

600x400x750 mm Article: 508542

Wave Large basket, 1/4-display, 72pcs

600x400x750 mm Article: 508641

Wave Large basket, tall 1/4-display, 48pcs

600x400x1700 mm Article: 508658

Wave tray Medium, 1/8-display, 48pcs

600x400x400 mm Article: 540149

Wave tray Large, 1/4-display, 54pcs

600x400x750 mm Article: 540248