Shaker 0,5 L

190x90x90 Article: 119505

Salad spinner, small, ? 207 mm

140x200x210 Article: 180901

Salad spinner, large ? 250 mm

155x240x240 Article: 181007

Funnel set, white, 3-pcs (10 - 12 - 15 cm)

160x166x166 Article: 183001 Available colors: white, transparent

Lemon Squeezer

120x130x140 Article: 203709 Available colors:

Shaker with rubber closure

130x80x80 Article: 203815

Funnel 12 cm

125x145x150 Article: 203907 Available colors: white, transparent

Measuring spoons in 6-pcs set

50x77x130 Article: 204003 Available colors:

Colander with handle

110x190x360 Article: 204607 Available colors:

Colander with rubber

130x245x330 Article: 204713 Available colors:

Coffee Filter Cone

160x150x150 Article: 204904 Available colors:

Coffee spoon set 2-pcs

30x38x122 Article: 205802 Available colors:

Coffee filter holder

138x90x200 Article: 214804 Available colors:

SARA shaker

198x85x85 Article: 214903 Available colors:

Grater box w/4 graters inside

90x105x255 Article: 225008

Handheld grater & cutter, display 40 pcs

300x180x400 Article: 225701 Available colors:

Cake box, premium, 35x35x18cm

180x350x350 Article: 230002 Available colors: